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The Part of My Birth Story Nobody Knows; Until Now.

“So there I was, sitting in a dark theater next to the man I love watching the feel good movie of my lifetime. Then suddenly, contractions started to pick up. I sat on the edge of my seat, lightly swaying when I needed and squeezing Les’ hand when the intensity rose.”

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Mary's Second Birth Story

“I had not just birthed my baby, but caught baby with my own hands. I had confronted demons and won. Surrounded by those most important to me, I found the inner strength I had lost. I held baby to my chest. I felt the thick layer of vernix, smelled the sweet aroma of the newly born head and suddenly, the battle I had just won felt so far in the past. As if it was already years in the distance. A beautiful memory of a victory…”

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Birth Announcement: #babydukebro is here!

“For years, I’ve educated and supported families through births. Today I proved to myself the awesomeness of my body and the healing nature of a supportive birth team. #dukebrownbro was born Tuesday July 3rd at 1:45am caught by his mother in their home surrounded by love. Weighing 8lbs 3oz and 23inches long…”

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