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Lobby Day Photos: Grassroots in Action.

“On February 13th, we put another Kentucky Home Birth Coalition (KHBC) Lobby day in the books. Every year, they run smoother and become more successful. This year, we had hundreds of constituents representing 85 districts of Kentucky. Thanks to photojournalism student Mhari Shaw, I have the whole day documented and they tell a memorable story. “

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How Can I Be A Better Mom For You?

“After rushing around to get everyone ready to leave, I realized sister had piled stuffed animals on top of baby. I overreacted. I spoke to her in a way I’m not proud of and that wasn’t necessary or appropriate. Immediately, I regretted it. She immediately broke down crying. A real, stress filled, tearful cry. She lunged for me, with arms open, and I caught her and held her. She sobbed in my lap and the following conversation took place…“

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Mary's Second Birth Story

“I had not just birthed my baby, but caught baby with my own hands. I had confronted demons and won. Surrounded by those most important to me, I found the inner strength I had lost. I held baby to my chest. I felt the thick layer of vernix, smelled the sweet aroma of the newly born head and suddenly, the battle I had just won felt so far in the past. As if it was already years in the distance. A beautiful memory of a victory…”

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