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Mary's Second Birth Story

“I had not just birthed my baby, but caught baby with my own hands. I had confronted demons and won. Surrounded by those most important to me, I found the inner strength I had lost. I held baby to my chest. I felt the thick layer of vernix, smelled the sweet aroma of the newly born head and suddenly, the battle I had just won felt so far in the past. As if it was already years in the distance. A beautiful memory of a victory…”

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Freedom of Movement in Labor

"What struck me as I sat there, was my view in that hospital Labor & Delivery room. In front of me, despite an active birth, was an empty bed with the monitor straps left behind. I want every one of you planning a hospital birth to know that freedom of movement and intermittent monitoring is a safe option for most moms and should be discussed with your care provider.”

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