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Mary Duke, LCCE |  More about Mary >  Photo: Jay Ferrell Photography

Mary Duke, LCCE | More about Mary >
Photo: Jay Ferrell Photography

Welcome to My Sunshine Birth Services

As a trained professional birth Doula, I provide continuous physical & emotional support for your whole family during the entire birth process. My ultimate goal is to ensure you have a personalized and positive birth experience. 

I support all parents in any birth environment and all birth plans, while ensuring partners feel supported and well prepared to support mom.

As the only Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Educator in South Central Kentucky, I will help you prepare for your birth through prenatal education. I am proud to provide a variety of caring and professional services for those birthing at home, hospital or birth center.

Throughout your journey, I will be your friend and ally, on call for you 24/7 until your delivery where I will be fully supporting your individual birth plan. 

Mary (My Sunshine Birth) is honest, real, knowledgeable, a wonderful educator, and an excellent mother herself! She is passionate about her work, and truly cares about the families she helps through the miracles and hardships of creating (and caring for) a new life. She even does political advocacy for the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition and other programs to help mothers in Kentucky to have more access to midwives and doulas. I recommend her as a doula/lamaze teacher/birth guru for anyone!
— Kristin C.

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A Personalized Birth Experience

Be Prepared & Feel Supported

My Sunshine Birth Services is here to help you prepare for your pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding, while providing the supportive care you deserve during every step of your journey. 

With Mary Duke LCCE as your experienced Doula and professional certified childbirth educator, finally feel the peace of mind knowing you are fully prepared.

Privacy is respected. Photos used with client's permission.