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How Can I Be A Better Mom For You?

“After rushing around to get everyone ready to leave, I realized sister had piled stuffed animals on top of baby. I overreacted. I spoke to her in a way I’m not proud of and that wasn’t necessary or appropriate. Immediately, I regretted it. She immediately broke down crying. A real, stress filled, tearful cry. She lunged for me, with arms open, and I caught her and held her. She sobbed in my lap and the following conversation took place…“

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Birth Announcement: #babydukebro is here!

“For years, I’ve educated and supported families through births. Today I proved to myself the awesomeness of my body and the healing nature of a supportive birth team. #dukebrownbro was born Tuesday July 3rd at 1:45am caught by his mother in their home surrounded by love. Weighing 8lbs 3oz and 23inches long…”

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Mary's Birth Story

"My husband was very supportive, educated and calm when it came to birth and I was confident in my ability to birth my baby. Yet, my story doesn’t lack in traumatic moments. My desire to prevent such outcomes for other mothers was the motivation to share my birth story for it also inspired me to start My Sunshine Birth Services."

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