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The Importance of a “Village”

“Motherhood can often be an isolating and anxiety-filled experience, especially in early postpartum. Our society has produced an image of mothers as needing to “do it all”. So what are we to do? How can we manage all of these expectations, with a new child AND hold onto some shred of ourselves?”

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Stop Shaming Moms for Being on Their Phones.

“She walked up to my baby and started talking to him. In my head I was thinking “don’t touch my baby” and kept an eye on her as she got closer and closer. Then she put her hand down on my table to get my attention and told me to get off my phone and pay attention to my baby.”

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How Can I Be A Better Mom For You?

“After rushing around to get everyone ready to leave, I realized sister had piled stuffed animals on top of baby. I overreacted. I spoke to her in a way I’m not proud of and that wasn’t necessary or appropriate. Immediately, I regretted it. She immediately broke down crying. A real, stress filled, tearful cry. She lunged for me, with arms open, and I caught her and held her. She sobbed in my lap and the following conversation took place…“

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