With Our Messy House

This morning on my calendar I had all morning set aside for cleaning house (which it desperately needed).  Every time I tried to set Marley Ann Down to clean she got upset.  I strapped her on with the Boba carrier and started to do dishes.  Then she wanted to nurse, and that turned into a nursing marathon.  Suddenly the morning was gone and the house was still a disaster.

I felt a very negative energy come over me.  With every dirty dish or piece of trash or scattered mail I saw I started getting upset and placing blame.

Who left THAT there? Why is this here?  Why could Marley not have played on her own this morning? Then I left.

I left all the mess behind and went to lunch with a sweet friend Jennifer at a sweet little country store ran by a friendly family and filled with friendly locals.  When I got home Marley and I walked around in the sunshine.  I reflected on all the amazing things happening in my life and how the house keeping will just have to wait.

Having a messy home doesn't reflect poorly on me as a mother.

Marley Ann and I are spending our days traveling about KY meeting new and exciting people and sharing our knowledge and experiences with others.  She gets to watch her mother grow a business that serves others from the ground up and gets to watch her mother advocate for women around KY.  She is held, nurtured and celebrated by people everywhere we go.  I give her endless amounts of attention and hold her close all day long.  If the fact my house is messy some how negates all of THAT then I am at a loss.

mom and baby
mom and baby

So after all this reflection I walked back in my messy house and the mess seemed much smaller, and less daunting. So we will make it through today and we'll make it through tomorrow and then Mom will come and we'll sort through all this mess. Until then we'll keep on being the awesome family we are with our messy house.