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The Importance of a “Village”

“Motherhood can often be an isolating and anxiety-filled experience, especially in early postpartum. Our society has produced an image of mothers as needing to “do it all”. So what are we to do? How can we manage all of these expectations, with a new child AND hold onto some shred of ourselves?”

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Neat Relief: “The less you own, the less that owns you.”

Fast forward to me 4 months postpartum and recovering from a postpartum mood disorder. Through counseling, dietary changes and support from friends and family, I was coming out of the haze of depression and rage. I looked around my house and realized it was a mixture of “postpartum dirty and depression dirty” (If you’ve ever experienced either you know what I mean). I called Sara…”

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The Gifts Pregnant Women and Their Partners REALLY Want

“One thing I’d like you to get from this post is that it is ok to be brave and break tradition. Practical gifts will make birth and postpartum a positive experience for the whole family."

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