Neat Relief: “The less you own, the less that owns you.”

A note from Mary Duke, LCCE:

“I’ve known Sara of Neat Relief for most of my life. I knew I wanted to work with her one day and she felt the same. Once, a couple years ago, I was trying to force a collaboration to happen, but the plans never lined up. Sara said to me, “Don’t worry. It’ll come together at the right time”.

Fast forward to me 4 months postpartum and recovering from a postpartum mood disorder. Through counseling, dietary changes and support from friends and family, I was coming out of the haze of depression and rage. I looked around my house and realized it was a mixture of “postpartum dirty and depression dirty” (If you’ve ever experienced either you know what I mean). I called Sara.

I told Sara the truth about the last 4 months and that I knew in my heart that in order for me to take that last step in feeling better, I had to purge, clean and organize the space I was raising my children in. She listened and with a smile I could hear through the phone she said, “I knew it would happen at JUST the right time.” I truly needed her help and she was ready to take a leap in scaling up her small business. 

Today we’ve managed to work together to create spaces in my home that nurture calmness and cleanliness. The #1 benefit of Sara’s services have been the ease at which I keep my home clean now. My 4 year old daughter has even thrived in our new found organization and minimalist living. She plays better on her own not being overwhelmed by a mess of toys and she picks up better knowing each thing has a place.

I noticed very quickly how this service could be life changing for new or expectant moms. I also trust that’s Sara herself has the heart and ability to hold space for new moms and help guide them to a more peaceful state.

Once the house is complete, I’ll be sure to share the whole story. For now, I’d just like to introduce you all to Sara Fort.”

Seven years ago, I began my journey to minimalism, born from moving city to city and noticing most of my belongings were only being touched to be packed and unpacked. Unbeknownst to me, there was no magical destination at which I would arrive. Instead, I was being completely transformed from the outside in.

Since the beginning of my career, I have found a proper title has eluded me. While “Professional Organizer” appears to be fairly well-suited, it never resonated with my soul. Ultimately, I realized a name was mere semantics and my intention is what matters. I aim to free as many people as possible from being owned by “stuff”. I am also passionate about donating the excess to the charity of my client's choosing.

My service is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. I begin with a phone consultation to determine the client's goals for their space. My sessions range from two to eight hours and conclude with a plan for sustainability. The client works beside me to ensure functionality for their individual lifestyle. We sort everything into "keep", "donate", or "trash" and intentionally create a home for each item. This process frees you from wasting time searching for everyday items.

I have found working with a new or expectant mother is particularly gratifying. A well-curated home allows a smooth transition and enables you to focus on what truly matters. The collective knowledge and skills I impart during a session are essential for creating a soothing sanctuary for you and your new family.

I operate out of Owensboro and have completed jobs in Western Kentucky and Northern Tennessee. I am open to traveling further under the right circumstances, however any session beyond 60 miles will incur an additional fee. You can view my portfolio on Facebook or Instagram by searching Neat Relief or @neatrelief or you can visit my website

**The before and after was a three hour session where I worked with the client to create the art studio of her dreams. After moving to a new home, her belongings were thrown into said room with little regard. We were able to sort, purge, and arrange in a very short period of time and she is now able to create art in a peaceful environment!**


About The Author

Sara Fort, Owner of Neat Relief

Sara Fort has dedicated her life to assisting her clients in creating functional, intentional spaces by removing the superfluous. Streamlining and curating each room to simplify every day tasks.