SOKY Doulas, The My Sunshine Birth Network is Accepting Applications!


Are you a Doula serving Southern Ky? Want to be a part of the My Sunshine Birth Services Doula Network?

We are getting more inquiries than our current group of Doulas can cover and it’s important that we expand. We have facilitated 2 DONA Doula trainings in the area for this very reason, but membership is open to any trained Doula.

Pathway To Membership

Step One - Begin the Process

Email an outline of your intentions to Details we like to see included are:

  • Area you serve or plan to serve

  • Rate

  • Training/Certification 

  • Experience level

  • How many birth per month do you plan to attend?

  • Any current specialties?

  • An area you’d like to specialize in or a specific area of interest?

  • Additional credentials other than Birth Doula?

  • What trainings are you considering for 2019?

  • How do you see the network benefiting you?

  • How can you benefit the network?|

Step Two - Application

Once I receive the email I will send you a link and password to view membership details, expectations and an official application.

Step Three - Interview

After application is submitted, a Video Call interview will be requested.

Step Four - Deadline

All applicants will be voted on at the next Network business meeting on 1/16/19.

Thank You!

Share with any Doulas who may be interested!

☀️As always, thank you to the community for supporting our network of birth professionals. We are excited to see the use of Doulas growing and thank you for trusting My Sunshine to refer only top quality professionals.