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SB84 Passes, Allowing Licenses For Certified Professional Midwives in Kentucky

Today, on March 13th 2019, after a 44 year fight and after 8 years of the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition, SB 84 passed its final vote on the House floor. After a quick concurrence from the Senate and a signature from the Governor, we will start the regulatory process to license Certified Professional Midwives and integrate them into Kentucky’s healthcare system. You have the power to make our state a better place. It was a long road, but our hard work has paid off.

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Lobby Day Photos: Grassroots in Action.

“On February 13th, we put another Kentucky Home Birth Coalition (KHBC) Lobby day in the books. Every year, they run smoother and become more successful. This year, we had hundreds of constituents representing 85 districts of Kentucky. Thanks to photojournalism student Mhari Shaw, I have the whole day documented and they tell a memorable story. “

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For the Love of KY Babies

6 years ago, I met with Senator David Givens for the first time. It was my first time ever meeting with a Legislator, and here I was leading a meeting. I was only 6 months postpartum and had my baby on my lap. I had never shared the details of my traumatic hospital transfer with anyone outside my inner circle before. Sen. Givens was kind and attentive, and the meeting left me feeling confident that I could continue to do this (despite not yet knowing what “this” would become).

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Crowdfunding For Change

"As most of you know my life’s work has become advocating for improved maternal health and increased birth options for KY families.  This fall I have the opportunity to take that work to a national level while learning advanced advocacy skills to help me better serve KY families..."

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When Volunteer Work is a Part of Your Business

"It’s hard balancing advocacy work and running a business. Throw in motherhood, nurturing your marriage, participating in farm life and self-care, then it all starts to seem impossible. It was through hearing your stories and understanding the need for increased maternity care options, education and support that My Sunshine Services was born."

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