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The Part of My Birth Story Nobody Knows; Until Now.

“So there I was, sitting in a dark theater next to the man I love watching the feel good movie of my lifetime. Then suddenly, contractions started to pick up. I sat on the edge of my seat, lightly swaying when I needed and squeezing Les’ hand when the intensity rose.”

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Fresh RX - Fresh Food Program for Expecting Moms on Medicaid

“From the beginning, Community Farmers Market has been committed to finding solutions to provide a better food system for low-income households. The goal is for this program to expand to other Medicaid participants and eventually be provided through all insurance companies.”

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The Overwhelming Vulnerability of Waiting for Baby

“I am writing this to inspire other pregnant women and parents who may be struggling with the same fear, worry and anxiety. To say to them, this too is normal. It’s when moms feel this way non-evidence based care providers can use their fear to sway them to choose interventions they might regret later.”

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