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The Part of My Birth Story Nobody Knows; Until Now.

“So there I was, sitting in a dark theater next to the man I love watching the feel good movie of my lifetime. Then suddenly, contractions started to pick up. I sat on the edge of my seat, lightly swaying when I needed and squeezing Les’ hand when the intensity rose.”

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When a Doula Client Has a Cesarean

I've experienced the helpless feeling of standing just on the other side of the "scrubs only" sign. It’s an anxious feeling, as you are suddenly separated from the family you've supported throughout their pregnancy and birth. There you wait. Helpless. Everything is out of your hands. Some relief comes when you hear the cries of a newborn, but full relief never comes until you see mom and baby, both safe, healthy and together in recovery.

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Even a Doula Needs a Doula

"Her name is Amanda. Alone, she kneels in the birthing pool surrounded by only water with my hands holding hers. She was distracted by doubts about her abilities to manage the pain and a swirling flood of emotions, as her body began to prepare her for delivery. In this moment, a Doula needed a Doula. When we all find ourselves stripped down to our vulnerable places, may we all lift each other up. In labor and in life."

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