Why Every Woman Needs a Birth Photographer

Often, when I speak to families about their birth team, they haven't given any thought to who will document their experience.  If they have thought about it, they will plan for Dad to snap some pictures and videos along the way. When I talk with clients at their postpartum visit, I frequently hear very similar stories:

  • "I don't remember anything."
  • "It was such a blur."
  • "My husband didn't have time to take any pictures."
  • "I wish I had hired a photographer."

This is why you should know your local Birth Photographer and why every woman needs one.


Experienced moms say hire a photographer.

Just a few weeks ago, a Lamaze graduate stopped by to tell her birth story to the class. She began to share about her journey with suddenly, without prompting her, there it was again:

"I didn't hire a birth photographer and now I wish I had those pictures. I don't remember a lot of details". 

It made me wonder, was anyone taking photos or were they completely forgotten when the stages of labor progressed?


What are the benefits of professional birth photos?

Samantha Steen of Samantha Steen Photography explains, "Looking through pictures often jogs mom's memory and reminds her of the details she has trouble recalling during postpartum".  

Sam also told me that professional photos can help Mom and Dad process a traumatic birth experience, celebrate a joyous experience and share images with a loved one or friends who were not able to be present for the birth. For me personally, the benefit was being reminded of special moments that I may have forgotten about all together, even years later.  I also love sharing my photos with my daughter and consider them a special gift to her. Think about it, wouldn't you like to have pictures from YOUR birth?


Can I have a birth photographer in the hospital?

Yes! You have the right as a childbearing woman to be continuously supported by whomever you choose and that includes a birth photographer. They will need to ask permission to photograph hospital staff and the actual delivery, but a professional will properly and professionally handle that situation long before the due date and will know what to do. 


Can I afford a birth photographer?

A high-quality professional birth photographer and videographer is not an inexpensive investment, but this is one of those extremely important, one-time events that should never be considered with a focus on cheap. If you are worried about the cost and the effect on your finances, ask local photographers about payment plans. When looking for someone who will be respectful of your space, work well with hospital staff and provide quality images, remember: you get what you pay for.


Will the room be crowded?

Let's be honest, hospital rooms are small and we don't want them overfilled. You do need to be careful who you let into your birthing space and that includes any member of your birth team. An experienced professional photographer will be a 'fly on the wall' and will never be in the way or a distraction. They will always be respectful of your birth environment and personal pace. It's a good idea to ask to speak with a couple past clients who birthed in the same location to get a good idea of their level of professionalism. Also, keep in mind that a birth photographer doesn't have to be present for the entire birth. If they have captured several pictures and you would like time alone with your support person(s), they can always leave the room until you are ready for them to come back. Its all about what you want for your labor.

Final Thoughts.

So although it may seem like just another expense to add to an already growing list of new baby expenses, hiring a birth photographer is something worthy of the value. Unlike the baby supplies, the images (and video) from your birth will be treasured for generations. Not just by you, but by your little one too.