Even a Doula Needs a Doula

In that moment I felt like she was never going to make it here. I had waited so long, and I felt like even in labor I was forcing her into the world. with all the pumping [to naturally induce labor] and such. When you told me she would be here soon, I believed you. I don’t know why, but just seeing you believe in me made me believe. I trusted you. I trusted your experience, I trusted that you were seeing me in a way that I couldn’t see myself.
— Amanda (Mother in Labor)

In this powerful image, you can see an experienced Doula being supported by another experienced Doula. Her name is Amanda. Alone, she kneels in the birthing pool surrounded by only water with my hands holding hers. Here we are together, two birth experts who have supported hundreds of women throughout pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Our eyes now meet in silent understanding, as a birthing mom and supportive birth Doula.

No matter how experienced or educated, in the moments leading to birth, you still need the physical and emotional support of a trained Doula. In this moment, Amanda was feeling vulnerable and afraid. She was distracted by doubts about her abilities to manage the pain and a swirling flood of emotions, as her body began to prepare her for delivery. In this moment, Amanda couldn't look herself in the eyes to assure herself that her baby would be here soon and it would all be ok. In this moment, a Doula needed a Doula.

This birth experience was special for me. It was a reminder that not only do Doulas need each other in birth, but also in life.  Seeing my friend stripped down to the raw and vulnerable (yet powerful) state of a birthing woman was transformative and beautiful. Today, with this picture, I want to say thank you to Amanda for allowing me to be her support. Thank you to all the birth workers who make up my community near and far. Thank you for your endless support and dedication, regardless of rain or snow or time of day to the women who need you most. When we all find ourselves stripped down to our vulnerable places, may we all lift each other up. In labor and in life.

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Share this beautiful image by Samantha Steen Photography - Birth Stories + Film simply because it deserves to be shared. In the comments talk about your sisterhood. Thank those who made your experience memorable. Take this moment to say,  "In my most vulnerable and meaningful moments I want you there. Thank you.”


What is a Doula??

You may be wondering, what is a Doula? Essentially, they are a professionally trained support person who provides continuous emotional and physical support before, during and after labor through a variety of supportive services. With Doulas available locally through the My Sunshine Birth Network, and Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Education being offered in a variety of settings, finally feel the peace of mind knowing you are fully prepared.