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Birth Announcement: #babydukebro is here!

“For years, I’ve educated and supported families through births. Today I proved to myself the awesomeness of my body and the healing nature of a supportive birth team. #dukebrownbro was born Tuesday July 3rd at 1:45am caught by his mother in their home surrounded by love. Weighing 8lbs 3oz and 23inches long…”

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Even a Doula Needs a Doula

"Her name is Amanda. Alone, she kneels in the birthing pool surrounded by only water with my hands holding hers. She was distracted by doubts about her abilities to manage the pain and a swirling flood of emotions, as her body began to prepare her for delivery. In this moment, a Doula needed a Doula. When we all find ourselves stripped down to our vulnerable places, may we all lift each other up. In labor and in life."

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Obstetric Violence: How it Made Me a Better Doula & Educator

"Suddenly, my birth experience went from beautiful to traumatic. It was fast; only lasting 4 minutes from the time the on-call doctor arrived, to the time my baby was born via instrument delivery. It was however 4 minutes of my life I’ll never forget. I searched for someone to reassure me I'd be ok, and there I found my Doula. Somehow, her support was still there even amongst the chaos."

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