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Birth Announcement: #babydukebro is here!

“For years, I’ve educated and supported families through births. Today I proved to myself the awesomeness of my body and the healing nature of a supportive birth team. #dukebrownbro was born Tuesday July 3rd at 1:45am caught by his mother in their home surrounded by love. Weighing 8lbs 3oz and 23inches long…”

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Renee Cooper's Birth Story

"...By the time my midwife came I was already dilated pretty far and the contractions were beginning to be very painful but I was coping very well...the euphoric feeling and rush of emotions afterward took all my pain away and filled it with love. For those curious about home births or wanting to consider, my best advice is to be as informed as possible beforehand and to remember that the pain has a purpose and is very rewarding in the end."

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