Birth Announcement: #babydukebro is here!

For years, I’ve educated and supported families through births. All kinds of births, but often through Home births or unmedicated hospital births. I’ve helped women after loss, trauma and abuse. I’ve watched the struggle and seen their victory.

Today, in the early morning hours, I got my own victory. Today, I proved to myself the awesomeness of my body and the healing nature of a supportive birth team.

I will share with you, as the days go by, more pictures by Samantha Steen and more of my experience, but today I want to say I am in awe of my body, my baby and my support team.

A big thank you to Tracey Shelly MooreRenee Elizabeth Rojas CpmMichelle Johnson HowellSamantha Steen (Samantha Steen Photography - Birth Stories + Film), Alison Feese (Alison Feese, Birth Doula) and of course my husband Les Brown For walking through the darkness with me and guiding me through to the light of healing.

#dukebrownbro was born Tuesday, July 3rd, at 1:45am, caught by his mother in their home surrounded by love. Weighing 8lbs 3oz and 23inches long. He is healthy, happy and perfect in every way. Name still to be determined.

Thank you to everyone who sent a text, direct message or email letting me know they were thinking of me and sending me love. Even if I didn’t respond they all provided me strength. ❤️

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