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Savanah's Birth Story - Part Two

“I woke to them bringing him back in the room, and jumped up to grab him. I picked him up and held him close. I teared up looking at his beautiful face. I scanned his body, noticing a big bruise on his hand, several scabs from needle pricks in both his arm and his foot, scratches on his wrists and ankles from all the little bracelets they had on him. In that moment, what was left of my heart crumbled in my chest and I sobbed again. My poor sweet boy had been through so much and he wasn’t even a day old.”

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Alana's Birth Story

“Pushing was the hardest part of labor. I had to be fully present in my body and actively labor. I don’t know how long I pushed for. I had a moment where I thought that I couldn’t do it. Mary told me to look into David’s eyes and focus on him. I experienced a side of myself that I haven’t before. It has always been there, this primal animal-like part of myself that gives in completely to the body and embraces the extreme physical experience.”

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Obstetric Violence: How it Made Me a Better Doula & Educator

"Suddenly, my birth experience went from beautiful to traumatic. It was fast; only lasting 4 minutes from the time the on-call doctor arrived, to the time my baby was born via instrument delivery. It was however 4 minutes of my life I’ll never forget. I searched for someone to reassure me I'd be ok, and there I found my Doula. Somehow, her support was still there even amongst the chaos."

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