NEW!! Phone Support and Video Chat


Being a birth worker comes with its own unique set of difficulties & rewards. We wouldn't have gotten into this line of work if we weren't so passionate about helping others. The goal is to make the world a better place, one birth at a time. Despite this passion for what we do, one common issue that can arise is feeling exhausted and burnt out. Believing you can help everyone 24/7 when in reality, none of us can do it all by ourselves. Throughout my career, I have looked for ways to avoid this issue so that I (and others) can serve with the longevity and enthusiasm that matches our dedication to serve. 

I have fortunately found some solutions along the way, but still, I have had a weak spot: Social Media Messages. On average, I receive over 100+ messages on Facebook and Instagram from men and women seeking answers and support every month. I've spent many days not listening to my practical side (or my body) and have tried to answer message after message. Then, the day is gone and all my work is still waiting for me undone. I feel so honored to be a trusted source of support and I truly look forward to talking to each person.

The truth is, so many days, I've felt guilt for not being able to reply quickly to each message. I know this isn't sustainable nor a healthy habit. So I found a solution! I've begun a new 'Phone Support' program here on my website. This means I'm better able to manage inquiries without distractions so I can provide 100% client-focused support. This program is more than just helping me better manage my time, it's enabling me to be able to be a better supporter and Doula for everyone who needs me. 

Sounds great! How Do I Schedule?

Anytime you need to talk, just visit the Phone Support page here on my website. It's very simple to request support since scheduling and payments take place online. There is no back and forth with calendars, you choose from the available date(s) and time(s) that fit your schedule. You're able to purchase time in 30-minute segments (currently only $25) and can choose between a voice call or video call. Prefer face to face? I offer 1hr (currently $50) of in-person support at my office in beautiful downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

What can we talk about? ANYTHING. Really, any topic you need. 

  • Questions related to my services, advocacy, how to become a doula?
  • Questions about conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum or breastfeeding?
  • Need to talk about your most recent prenatal appointment?
  • Need help processing some unexpected news?
  • Maybe you just need an expert to assure you the information you have is evidence-based?

This has been a new program but a successful one. This has allowed me to schedule time so nobody goes ignored and provides compensation for my time so that I can serve for years to come. A caller today simply needed to be reassured her body is capable, her opinions were valid and to process her birth story. How can I help you?

Q: Why pay when I can message for free?

By scheduling a call vs sending me a message you are guaranteed my response, and also my undivided attention. I will be able to prepare for our conversation, give my best and provide follow up. This program means more families getting better answers and one-on-one attention.

Q: Do I have to be in Kentucky?

This services is for anyone in the United States and NOT solely for the purpose of serving local KY families.

Q: Is this just for pregnant women?

I am here to provide support for women, men and families before during and after pregnancy, regardless if it's the first time or not.

Q: What if I want more than a phone call or video chat?

I also offer a variety of services, classes and workshops. My goal is to help prepare you while providing the supportive care you deserve during every step of your journey.