Back in Action: Amanda Woolen CLC

Earlier this month, I got to share a postpartum visit with a Lactation visit at a Doula client’s home.  It was the first time Amanda Woolen CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) had been out in action since having her baby 4 weeks earlier. It was such a joy getting to see her back in action!

This particular family was sent home from the hospital with a strict pumping & bottle feeding schedule and so had a lot of questions.

  • How will we ever get baby to breast?
  • How much milk does baby really need?
  • How hard do we push this sleepy baby to eat?
  • Is cosleeping safe?  
  • How do I know if baby is getting enough?

Amanda and I were able to answer all of their questions, get baby to breast and do a weighed feeding to show Mom that her baby WAS getting milk. She was so excited to see how her baby had actually gotten 1.5 ounces, just from one side! We were also able to talk cosleeping while looking at their sleeping environment and Amanda taught them about syringe feeding.  So much information was shared that I made notes for the family while Amanda educated them. As mother myself, I know postpartum brain, and sleep deprivation makes it hard to retain and recall new knowledge. I was also excited to see their worn out My Sunshine Birth Services pen alongside their notepad. 

"I was also excited to see their worn out My Sunshine pen alongside their notepad." 

As a Birth Worker myself I have a level of breastfeeding knowledge that enables me to educate my Lamaze students and provide support to Doula clients.  However, after seeing Amanda in action as a CLC, I knew instantly that my students and clients will greatly benefit from her caring support and level knowledge and skills. Having Amanda in the My Sunshine Birth Network means my Lamaze students get to meet her before baby arrives and my Doula clients will receive her support also.

I’m so thankful to have Amanda back in action, taking Lactation clients and helping me provide the best possible support for my own clients. Welcome back Amanda!