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You Are Not A Failure - The Lifesaving Support of A Doula for a Breastfeeding Mother

“I have an important, deeply emotional story to share with you tonight. Only one month postpartum, Lucy's weight had rapidly declined. Suddenly, this little one's story was not so positive. Despite seeing the pediatrician regularly, she was still failing to return to her birth weight of 6lb 8oz. It became obvious then, that something was wrong.“

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Ketones During Pregnancy

"Words like ketones, keto, ketosis and ketogenic are all popular buzz words for promising rapid weight loss. At first, I had only had one friend telling me how ketosis had changed her life. Then, not long after, another friend. My interest in studying them came up when my own midwife noticed ketones in my urine, so I made an appointment in Bowling Green (Kentucky) to see Registered Dietitian Marisa Woodal..."

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