Natasha's Birth Story

“I went into labor on a Tuesday morning. Harper was born at 8:57am. She was 8lbs even and 22″ at 40.2 (2 days past my due date) weeks. Born January 3rd 2017. Initially, my husband and I sought to hire Mary when we thought our only birthing option was a hospital. This was our third baby and we wanted/needed that support person who would help us advocate for ourselves and see our birth plan respected. When Mary showed us other options for birth, we decided a home birth was the best choice for our family. As our doula she was available for any questions or concerns. Her experience brought things to our attention we may not have thought of (even this being our third baby). She helped educate our 5 and 3 year old on home birth, making it a normal process – not something scary. She also supported them during my labor and delivery. Our 3 year old held her hand and watched her sister’s entire birth! She used techniques that helped me manage pain and focus on my body’s innate knowledge of how to birth. She then showed my husband those techniques to help him help me beyond his emotional support and presence. She was really a doula for our whole family. This was, by far, our best birth experience. We felt more educated, supported, and given space to treat birth as the natural process it is. I was able to be fully emotionally and mentally present in my daughter’s birth because I was able to relax in the calm environment our birth team helped create. We also appreciated the texts checking in and the postpartum support. Postpartum support is so necessary but not often given. Our third child was the first birth we decided to have a doula with us. It was such a positive experience my husband and I know that we will be having a doula with us at any future births. I’m always excited when someone asks me about my birth experience so I can share with them how positive it can be!”


“My most memorable moment from this birth was holding 3yr old Gianna’s hand as her baby sister emerged into the world.”