2 years of Meet The Doulas in Bowling Green Kentucky

As we get close to our 2 year anniversary for “Meet the Doulas” (MTD) I’ve been thinking back on all the families we’ve met and all the good times we’ve had at Spencer’s Coffee.  Mostly I’m wondering where time has gone.  How has it been 2 years?!?!  Before we go down memory lane I do want to tell you when the next MTD is.  Saturday August 26th 2017 3:00pm – 5:00pm at Spencer’s Coffee in downtown Bowling Green (right on the square).

Meet The Doulas of years Past.

We had our first Meet the Doulas in the fall of 2015 just as I was preparing to have my very first Lamaze certified group childbirth education, local doulas were launching their new birth services businesses and My Sunshine Birth Services network was launching. 

So many Memories.

Some MTDs have been packed to the point we’ve ran out of room and some have been quiet allowing for a few couples to get one-on-one attention.  It’s always the right people at the right time and we’ve met some lovely families.  Some of the families have gone on to graduateLamaze, be supported by one or two of our network doulas, have their birth photographed by network member Samantha Steen and nursed their babies with help of network lactation counselor Amanda Poteet-Woolen.

Join us to make more memories!

See you Saturday August 26th at Spencer’s Coffee.  Spencer’s is right on the square in downtown Bowling Green.  You’ll know us by our “My Sunshine Birth Services” Totes hanging on the chairs!  We are there from 3p – 5p and you can come and go as you like. Spencer’s has tea, coffee, beer, pastries, salads, soups, sandwiches and more. Come eat, drink and prepare for you new journey.