Why You Should 'Meet a Doula' in Bowling Green Kentucky

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So you may have heard that My Sunshine Birth Services has been having very successful "Meet the Doulas" events in downtown Bowling Green at Spencer's Coffee.  People are jumping at the opportunity and have always wanted to meet their neighborhood Doulas, but some families are wondering, "why"? So, with the help of all the My Sunshine Birth Network, we are breaking down the top 10 reasons you need to meet the Doulas.  Some highlights include...

"If you are a partner to a pregnant women and are feeling overwhelmed, you will want to meet us! We are an awesome group of helpful, fun, informative women. We have specific answers for you on any questions you have about local birth professionals, care providers, hospitals, childbirth education, etc..."

Melissa Jolly, The Jolly Doula. 

Melissa Jolly, The Jolly Doula. 

  1.  Lets just get this out of the way... we're a cool bunch of gals!  We are an awesome group of helpful, fun, informative women and you want to know us.  For moms, dads, grandmas and everyone in between.  We think you'll enjoy your time with us.
  2. We are all MORE than Doulas.  You aren't just meeting Doulas.  You are also meeting
    1. Certified Lactation Counselors
    2. Certified Childbirth educators
    3. Home birthers
    4. hospital birthers
    5. VBACers
    6. Placenta encapsulation Specialists
    7. Moms & wives
    8. babywearers
    9. cloth diaper users
    10. and much more...
    11. We are local professionals and we know all your local options.   We have specific answers for you on any questions you have about local birth professionals, care providers, hospitals, childbirth education, etc...   If you aren't in Southern KY we can reach out to birth professionals we network with in your area to find your local options.
    12. FREE!!!  Yeah, it is free and casual.  You may come & go as you like and you are not required to purchase anything (though we highly suggest you try something on Spencer's delicious menu).  You can stop in to shake hands and put faces with names or sit and have lunch with us.  This event is designed so you don't feel uncomfortable or put on the spot.  We wont bombard you at the door.  We will be at our table enjoying our guests company over coffee and you can come sit with us when you like. Jump in where you feel lead, listen and take it all in or even pull one of us aside for one-on-one time.  Go at your own pace and stay at your own comfort level.
    13. Great Coffee and Food.  If you haven't been to Spencer's Coffee in Downtown Bowling Green you are missing out.  It is a local coffee house, with charm and a delicious menu.
    14. You can ask us anything.  Seriously, anything!  We've heard and seen it all and you can't embarrass us.  That question you have about fertility, pregnancy, birth or postpartum that you just can't bring yourself to ask your mom?  You can ask us and we wont even bat an eye.
    15. We support all types of families.  No matter how your family is made up there is a Doula in our network for you.  We love to work with single mothers and their support team or we can create your entire support team if needed.  We are LGBTQ friendly and are happy to work with same sex couples, trans women or surrogate births.  My Sunshine Birth is all inclusive and believes all moms deserve respect in childbirth.
    16. We support & educate partners. We are here for all members of your family and this event is open to everyone (not just pregnant women).  If you are a partner to a pregnant women and are feeling overwhelmed you want to meet us!  We can help you navigate all your family's options, teach you how to be the best support for your pregnant partner and ease your worries.  A good Doula NEVER replaces a women's partner, but helps strengthen their bond and aides the husband/partner in being a superstar.   This event has been designed to help dads gather more information in a comfortable setting.  You can sit and enjoy lunch or sip a coffee or beer while you take in all the information being as involved as you choose.  Be sure to chime in when you want though, because dads usually have some of the best input/advice/questions.
    17. Network with local families who are making all the same big decisions you are.  What could be better than meeting families in your community that are all going through the same life changes?  Especially meeting families that are taking a proactive approach to deciding their birth plan, making informed decisions and choosing the best birth professionals.  This event is a great way to make friends and/or get more involved in your community.  We expect representatives from several local community support groups to attend.
    18. Find out what a Doula does and who is a candidate for Doula services.  You'll learn exactly what a Doula does in general, but also how our practices may differ.  We are all very different women with the same goal; to support positive personalized birth experiences, but we have different ways of doing that. We understand that we cannot individually be the best Doula for all families, but are confident that within our group we can find the perfect match for you.  Also, you'll learn if you are a candidate for Doula services.  Women who are reported to have better birth experiences with a Doula include women who...
      1. want a natural unmedicated hospital birth
      2. want a home birth.
      3. want an epidural.
      4. want a cesarean.
      5. want their husband to be their #1 supporter during birth.
      6. don't want any family involved in their birth.
      7. want pain medications.
      8. want a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).
      9. are excited about childbirth.
      10. have a fear of childbirth.

So as you can see there are a lot of good reasons to meet a Doula in Bowling Green Ky.  I hope that you will take some time Saturday March 26th from 2pm to 5pm to come and see us at Spencer's Coffee in downtown BG.   If you have any questions about the event please email mary@mysunshinebirth.com or call/text Mary at (270)303-1546 or post your questions in the comments.

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