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My Sunshine Birth Services

Based in Bowling Green, Kentucky


2019 Classes & Workshops

2018 Classes have sold out! Next class begins Jan 3rd.

A goal of My Sunshine Birth Services is  "Removing Fear Through Understanding". Local classes and workshops are a great way to connect with other parents. Prepare for birth and beyond with the only Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Education Class in South Central Kentucky.

Class size is kept small to ensure individualized focus.


Not sure where to begin?

Birth Doula Services |Bowling Green, Kentucky

My Sunshine Birth Services can assist you with constructing your personalized birth plan, recommend classes and workshops for valuable educational support or refer you to a network Doula. Mary Duke, LCCE will be on-call 24/7 until your delivery.

Payment plans and multi-service discounts are available.  

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Featured In the September/October Issue of


Knowledge is Power

How One Couple Overcame Birthing Obstacles Through a Supportive Doula Network

“I’m so thankful that I was connected to this network of supportive and knowledgeable women through the network,“ Katelyn said. “Even if I’d planned on an epidural … I still would have wanted to have a doula to help walk me through the birth process and help me stay focused. I still would have wanted to go to Lamaze not only for me but so that my husband, mom and sister would have the tools to help me through my pain. I’m a new mom, and I’d never done any of this before, and I’m so glad I knew what was going on and what my options were.”