Basic Doula Mentorship Program

Basic Doula Mentorship Program

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This introductory course takes place over 1 day (8 hours of education). This class is a prerequisite to the Advanced Doula Mentorship course. This class is designed simply to get you to a point of comfort to take on a client in any setting with confidence.

  • How to plan for on call life (including w/ a job and/or children).

  • Hospital birth etiquette (including finding your way around the hospital)

  • Includes access to a group tour of local L&D floor.

  • Home birth etiquette (How to impress local Midwives to gain their much needed referrals).

  • Understanding the different birth center options in our service area.

  • How to create a relationship with nursing staff(ways to damage the birth worker - nurse relationship).

  • Networking, How and why it’s important (including info on the My Sunshine Birth Services Network).

  • Finding and setting up back ups and why you shouldn’t be a Doula without at least 2.

  • What you need to know before setting your price.

  • Basic contract requirements

  • What you need to know after covering the basics.

  • One private video conference with Mary (up to 1 hour) to prepare for or process your first birth.