In Progress

These are changes that are currently being worked on:

  • Guest Bloggers: To ensure the blog remains active when Mary is unable to post regularly.


These are future changes that we have discussed, but may or may not implement. Feel free to add to this list anytime and I’ll look into options:

  • Guest Bloggers. To ensure the blog remains active when Mary is unable to post regularly.

  • Utilize YouTube. Account is almost to 100 for custom name. Start posting videos, video blogs etc for followers and activity, eventually another revenue stream.

Previous Changes

These are past changes to the website for accountability and troubleshooting purposes.


December 3rd 2018

  • Added Mary’s intro to the Neat Relief blog draft.

  • Updated a pre-existing form on the Resource Library page.

November 28th 2018

  • Changed H1 font size from 25 to 50

  • added “based in Bowling Green, Kentucky” to home header

  • Changed body text weight from 400 to 300 and font size from 15 to 17 for better readability.

  • Added index navigation dots and renamed page titles for clarity

  • Added a 'read more' button to the 'As Seen On' section of the homepage rather than a text link.

November 27th 2018

Changelog: More past work records added to the Changelog.

Style: Removed the drop down links from Blog. Removed the category archive and calendar link from the header. Will return the blog calendar once posts are more frequent.

November 26th, 2018

Changelog: Added a Changelog page to the website. This is useful for troubleshooting issues and so Mary is able to see the work that is done 'behind-the-scenes'. The check-mark beside 'enabled' was removed to ensure this page is offline to visitors and Google.

Guest Blog Post: Sara Fort, Neat Relief guest blog post collaboration was finished. Emailed Mary to approve post for publish date of her choice and to add an intro to the post.

November 25th, 2018

Removed Small Business Saturday: At midnight on 11/24, logged-in to remove all previous Small Business Saturday promo changes. Restored the announcement bar, but with a more minimal text: "Now booking! 2019 Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Education Classes and personalized Birth Doula Services."

November 24th, 2018

Small Business Saturday: Setup a coupon code to expire at 11:59pm, updated website announcement bar, browsed Unsplash for a stock photo, added a site-wide promotional pop-up with stock image, added a section to homepage, created a Small Business Saturday page with promo details, used stock image for header. Removed the coupon code, updated Lamaze Class prices, and corrected all previous changes from $50 off to $50 deposit.

This is what is currently in the store:

  • Installment #1: $100

  • Installment #2: $250

  • Full Payment: $350

For today only, I need to change it to:

  • Installment #1: $50

  • Installment #2: $300

  • Full Payment: $350

This is the current wording: "It’s Small Business Saturday! Save $50 when registering for Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Education Classes. Code: SMALLBIZSAT50"

I need to delete the coupon code and change it to: "It’s Small Business Saturday! Today only, register for Lamaze® Certified Childbirth Education Classes for only $50. No code needed."

November 20th 2018

Styles: Changed the blog pagination font to Cormorant Garamond and color to #2281c5 to match the rest of the website styles and increased the size to 22px for better visibility for visitors.

.BlogList-pagination-link-label {
font-family: "Cormorant Garamond";
font-weight: 600;
font-style: italic;
font-size: 22px;
letter-spacing: .09em;
line-height: 2em;
text-transform: none;
color: #2281c5;

November 17th, 2018

Styles: Updated the navigation menu for clarity. Turned off the ability to click on top folder items so they would stop going to the first page in the folder and confuse visitors.

October 25th, 2018

Store update: 2018 Lamaze Classes sold out, removed from website.

October 20th, 2018

Store: Visitor had issues making a payment “I had some trouble yesterday paying online, every time we would go to pay with the pay pal it would stall and not load”.

  • Test Transaction: Submitted a $5.00 test transaction. The test order processed normally, there was no PayPal delay. I refunded/cancelled my test order. There was an order processed on the 17th and 18th from two different people, everything appears to be working normally. Squarespace usually emails if the system is experiencing issues. I offered to email Squarespace, Mary did not request that I do so.  

Updated product pages with: "Register online to pay with a credit card using PayPal OR by contacting Mary Duke, LCCE to pay with cash or check."

October 12th 2018

Blog: Mary approved the post, with photo changes. She emailed the stock images, I emailed that I had uploaded and published the blog at 8:41am:

October 11th, 2018

Blog: New blog post needed by noon the next day. Halloween Treats for WBKO interview. Blog draft and placeholder images added. Emailed Mary for publish approval.

October 9th, 2018

Store: “trouble registering for the Oct class online.  She said “your website just doesn’t work” “I can’t pay”. Etc...” From mobile, I was able to get to PayPal without issues. Test from laptop was also without issues.

Website Feedback Page: In addition to the link in the bottom of the footer to contact the webmaster, there is now a feedback form. Both are setup to go to my email so I can handle any issues without Mary having to deal with it. I've setup the form to be anonymous, but with the option for them to leave contact info if they want a response.

September 26th 2018

Blog: Intro provided by Mary, post published:

September 24th 2018

Blog: New post forwarded by email, proofed and ready for Mary as a draft.

September 14th, 2018:

Graphics: Make another one for 2018 Lamaze.

2018 Classes (1).png

September 10th 2018

Blog: Birth story by Heather Wade. Proofed and added to website. Birth Story: Labor with Auggie Dale by Heather Wade

September 5th 2018

Store: Add 2019 classes to the website. Make a graphic on Canva.